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It was thanks to “If,” and his equally ebullient follow-up remixes of Amerie and Missy Elliott, that, in early 2013, he flew on a plane for the first time since he was a child to play a show in Halifax, and was soon booking shows across Europe.

Tour money was good, so Kay dropped out of high school and began helping to support his family, which had immigrated from Haiti to Montreal in 1993, shortly after he was born.

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In 2014, he signed to XL Recordings, the storied London label that’s been home to M. In early 2015, he finally told his agents to stop booking shows.

“One day I woke up like, ‘I can’t do this,’” Kay says.

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Yael Cohen Braun (born November 5, 1986) is the founder and CEO of Fuck Cancer, a health organization working for early detection and prevention of cancer.His dad has earned money as a taxi driver and real estate agent, and his mother worked in the healthcare industry; they divorced when Kay was 14, and proceeds from his shows were a big help to everyone. “I was touring with Ryan Hemsworth, and I’d see him have so much fun,” Kay remembers. I was lonely.” He asked Louis-Philippe, whom he calls his best friend, to drop out, too, and join him on the road to cheer him up, but it didn’t fix things. He wanted to be known as an artist, not just a DJ and remixer, and thought that if he could make a statement with his debut, maybe the world would see him that way.Part of the problem was that nonstop touring was keeping Kay from working on the album he’d long dreamed of making. But despite the deal, his managers kept insisting he stay on the road, building momentum instead of hunkering down with his songs.Kay would sit up all night working on music, sleep into the afternoon, then spend the day generally inconsolable. The rework took a song that pretty much everyone on the planet had heard and put it in a contemporary, context-less light, with euphoric percussion and a new spin on Jackson’s vocals that shifted her from foreground to background, so she appeared to whisper seductively at first then shout with command.The song has always been about intense desire, but in Kay’s hands, it practically became desire itself.Cohen launched Fuck Cancer in 2009 after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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