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E-mail: [email protected] We aimed to investigate whether social capital (obtaining support through indirect ties such as from neighbors) and social cohesion (interdependencies among neighbors) within neighborhoods positively affect the well being of older adults.

Cramm, Ph D, Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3000 DR Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Univariate analyses showed that being born in the Netherlands, house ownership, education, income, social capital of individuals, neighborhood security, neighborhood services, neighborhood social capital, and neighborhood social cohesion were significantly related to the well being of older adults.

Multilevel analyses showed that social capital of individuals, neighborhood services, neighborhood social capital, and neighborhood social cohesion predicted the well being of older adults.

These apps are so popular, in fact, that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

In an attempt to catalogue the emerging trend, I downloaded 25 different anonymous apps to my phone — every one I could find on the App Store — and tested each one.

But it just bugs me, because we already pay more than enough taxes toward actual social services.

Should Halloween be a neighborhood activity, or is it legitimately a free-for-all in which people hunt down the best candy grounds for their kids?

But a funny thing happened on the way to an authentic internet: Anonymity came back into vogue.

Today, there are literally dozens of anonymous sharing apps that allow you to vent, confess, or share secrets with strangers while going incognito.

Or at least it WAS until we put together this: a breakdown of 19 NYC neighborhoods for the next time you’re thinking about changing ZIP codes. The answer to proximity to Manhattan when you just can’t afford Brooklyn anymore. Public transit situation: The main access to Astoria is the N, Q, which run along 31st St.

And even if you ARE from here, it’s impossible to keep track of each neighborhood’s monthly mood swings. It’s not an accident that Times Square is not on this list.

There was a time in internet history, not too long ago, when it looked like realness might prevail.


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