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However, some cookies may be used to track and transmit browsing preferences or other private information to online marketers and spammers.

For information on running scans and removing the items found, see the Exterminate It! Please note, that during the removal of the cookie using Exterminate It!

, the cookie is only temporarily removed and it will be automatically recreated when you visit the website again, or when you visit any other website that uses any of the components.

Adjusting these features is enabled only within an Open DNS account, which are used to create and manage networks.

Once Web content filtering and security settings are saved, they are applied to devices and computers when they connect to a configured network.

For relevant Umbrella-only articles, refer to Umbrella Security Settings and Umbrella Policy (Category and Block/Allow List) Settings The advanced features of Open DNS, such as Web content filtering and security, are set and managed online by a user with Open DNS administrative privileges (an Open DNS Administrator).

It is important to understand that Open DNS advanced-feature settings are applied to a network and those settings are subsequently inherited by all of the computers and devices that connect to that network.

Open DNS solutions such as Family Shield use additional filtering features managed by Open DNS, which makes Family Shield the fastest and easiest way to protect children from adult content on the Internet.

Open DNS Administrators can specify Web content filtering and set custom security features in Open DNS Basic, VIP, School, and Enterprise solutions.

Note: This article refers to the Open DNS Dashboard.

Umbrella Dashboard users, this article generally does not apply to you except for DNS concepts.

Follow this tutorial and learn how to accomplish this on a Windows PC easily. Step 2: Select Never Click the Settings button, and then on the Approved Sites tab and type in the web site you want blocked. Step 4: Create a password Create a password so no one can turn off the block.


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