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star's divorce from actress Andrea Elmer Faustino became final on Friday, according to court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, ending three years of less-than-wedded bliss.The couple separated in May of last year and the 33-year-old actor filed a petition seeking to end their union back last February, citing the usual irreconcilable differences.

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The star of the show was none other than Edward Leonard “Ed” O’Neill who played the role of the head of the family and the funniest guy on the show, Al Bundy.

Although true, it was a family show and the whole cast played their part in making the show highly successful but Al Bundy was an act on his own.

He and the 32-year-old Elmer met in 1999 while visiting a spiritual center in Los Angeles.

After dating for five years, they tied the knot Jan. Per court documents, Faustino and Elmer, who didn't have any kids, hashed out a settlement specifying spousal support, division of property and other assets as well as attorney fees. The actor's attorney was not available for comment.

"Well she's expecting, I'm just rooting her on," Faustino, 41, said.

" confirmed the actor, who shared one of Bronson's early sonograms in a May 10 Twitter post.

This would be the tie-in to the original that would make the fans of the old show flock to the new.

Bud grows up (sorta), gets married, has a couple kids and annoying neighbors — maybe even a pet.

A tri-colored Briard named Michael (or Mike) played the role and the dog retired and left the show in 1995.

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