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“I would like to see more action from the Canadian government.” At least one of the protesters hoisted photos of Morsi, but Hassanin said their anger was more over what he called the crushing of Egyptian democracy than political allegiance.

Egypt has been criticised for its treatment of homosexuals by the New York-based Human Rights Watch.

The group reports a campaign to repress Egyptian gay men, who, it says, are routinely persecuted, arrested and tortured by the authorities.

“This together with traditional ideas about women is the main cause of harassment.”A recent United Nations survey reports that 99.3% of Egyptian women are sexually harassed in their lifetimes.

Male religious figures like television preacher Sheik Sabri Abada commonly lend approval to the name-calling and assaults that victimize women.“If the woman takes off her hijab (head scarf), she is naked,” the Muslim cleric said on a recent broadcast on the Egyptian satellite channel Dream TV.

“When you remove democratically-elected institutions there’s no need for votes or for that institution.” Attacks on Christian churches, he said, are a sad retaliation for the Egyptian military’s crimes, though the scope of those is magnified by the country’s “a corrupt media.” He acknowledged there is a portion of the Egyptian community in Calgary that supports the military’s actions, but said their voices have faded as the situation’s worsened in the North African country.

Hassanin, who still has family in Egypt, said many of his compatriots in Calgary are yearning to return to their homeland to fight for democracy.

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I said I’d write about it eventually and here it is; forbidden love between a Middle Eastern girl with no English and a bloke from Australia learning Arabic, as well as the important lessons learned from the whole experience. At first there was nothing forbidden about it at all – we met, we did the right thing and approached her father for permission, he gave us the green light, preparations for the engagement ceremony were made – everything was perfect.

“The street belongs to everyone, and I want my son to be respected.”Insan is not alone in trying to combat such attitudes."More women are insisting on their right to move freely in public spaces, and just as importantly more men have joined the fight,” said Amina Khairy, a well-known Egyptian television personality who moderated a recent panel on harassment at the American University in Cairo.

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