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The new tidbit about the company's monitoring system comes from a Reuters interview with Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan.

Here's the lead-in to the Reuters story: A man in his early 30s was chatting about sex with a 13-year-old South Florida girl and planned to meet her after middle-school classes the next day.

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Garland Levit, the author of an editorial piece published in The Daily Texan 15 years ago, was determined to point out that this type of “dating” is, as he saw it, rather pathetic.

“The 90’s came around, and some computer genius, who probably couldn’t pick up a girl to save his life, decided to invent a communication medium which took away the pressures of real dialogue,” Levit said.

“[Tell] her your long lost brother from Greenland just called, and you will be right back (or ‘brb’ for all those online junkies out there),” Levit said.

With so many modern-day social media outlets, it would be virtually impossible to do a lot of things that were so easily facilitated in these ’90s chatrooms.

By now, you are probably thinking ‘why don’t you just list the best Kik chat rooms and let us get on with it? Any list that I create listing some great chat rooms would be obsolete before I publish it.

Instead, I will show you how and where to find chat rooms. The first and easiest way to find a chat room is to join a public group.

Essentially, chat rooms are group chats instigated by an organizer or someone who likes to talk to lots of other people. As they are group chats, the ‘room’ only lasts as long as the people who stay there.

While I will show you how to find the best Kik chat rooms, never forget that if you cannot find what you’re looking for, you can always create your own! So as soon as everyone has had enough, the room disappears.

These are based on interest and can be located from within Kik.

This paper reports a small number of interviews with young people in Athens about their use of Internet chatrooms as a means of meeting people.

You just need to type a nick name below and join the other Lahori people here. You can also have a look at Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Pakistani chat rooms.

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