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I had a look at the Firefox version and here is what I saw: I expect the versions for other browsers to work in a similar way, complete with placebo functionality.

I can sort of understand why they had to implement it this way — if properly blocking the Analytics script were a requirement they wouldn’t be able to implement a version for Chrome any longer.

Update: Sorry, that last part wasn’t entirely correct — Easy Privacy doesn’t block Google Analytics script either, due to many websites being broken without it as mentioned above.

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A site counter is a great way of recording how many visits you have to your blog and where they are when they watch. A good odometer type hit counter is are different forms but of map counter and some that I like are Revolver maps and Who Amung Us. Their maps are live maps so little stars light up as people visit from different locations.

Kids love it when they see lights in other countries.

And then there is the issue of websites that rely heavily on Analytics and break if that script is blocked — can only be solved by “redirecting” the request to a minimal local copy of the script without any functionality, again something that can only be done properly in Firefox.

Still, until Google can come up with something better I recommend people to use Adblock Plus with Easy Privacy filter subscription, (check the update below).

Adding visitor track widgets to your blog requires embedding some HTML code into the text widget, but don’t worry – you don’t need to pay any attention to the actual code itself, as you’ll find out in this chapter.

Though there are many free and paid visitor tracking tools available which you can embed into your blog (or any other website for that matter), we’ll take a look at three of the most popular.

Assuming that your blog is open to the general public, which it should be, you’ll likely get visitors from all over the world.

Displaying visitor numbers and the countries that they’re coming from can be very rewarding for your students, particularly when they start posting content for themselves.

On Wikidot, settings for it can be found in Manage Site/3rd party tools/Google Analytics.


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