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Men who like to run or swim are those who enjoy spending their time alone.

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Since then the video, which was published on their You Tube channel the next day as part of their 6pm daily vlog, has had in excess of 1.8 million views.

The 16-minute video begins with the drive to the hospital, documents Anna’s waters breaking and ends with tears of joy as her 7lb 3oz baby is delivered. Visiting the Saccone-Jolys – Jonathan, 34, Anna, 26, Emilia, and Eduardo, who is eight months (Lives Changed Again!

The studio audience struggled to stifle their laughter as the cameras focused on the well-dressed lady, known only as Eloisa, and the stunned presenter joked: 'We don't know if we're witnessing a tragic death live on TV or whether Eloisa has fallen asleep.'From now on we can't laugh and we'll have to applaud either very quietly or by just raising our hands and moving them around.'This happens more often that you think because people don't sleep the night before and then eat something.'The presenter's deadpan humour has won him an army of fans in Andalucia where he presents his regional show'And if after the meal you do a Zumba class then you end up like Eloisa sleeping peacefully under an almond tree,' he quipped.'What's more, we don't even know if she's possessed and is in contact right now with the Hereafter.'As she carried on sleeping, he asked technicians to turn off the studio lights and told his audience and cameramen: 'Let's go' as he motioned to the other two guests to follow him.

He then sent a helper in to wake her up and tell her the programme had finished half an hour earlier.

They offer great beers, live music most nights, horse race broadcasts and there is always happy crowd of local people that will make visitors feel immediately at home.

There is also a B&B located upstairs so you might want to consider staying there during your visit to Cork.

Don’t worry if your chosen man is not into sports, this just means that he is sensitive and a free-thinker.

If you are looking for loyalty in man, than look at how long he has been with his group of friends – loyalty with his mates translates to a commitment for you.

When the female assistant sat down beside her and woke her up by gently shaking her shoulder, confused Eloisa's first reaction was to shout out: 'Who is it, who is it?

' before confessing she had taken a sleeping pill to help her combat nerves the night before which were stopping her from getting a good night's kip.

A Spanish OAP went on a TV show looking for love - and ended up on the receiving end of an hilarious practical joke when she fell asleep live on air.

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