Cost accommodating classroom technology

Unfortunately, these are often the first your child will be offered. Extra time can be a useful accommodation, but it should not be used merely as a way to allow a student to labor through a standard reading, writing, or spelling approach.

Giving a person in a wheelchair extra time to get up the stairs makes no sense.

Create an interactive classroom and learning environment with a range of technologies for students and teachers. Use any surface to actively engage kinesthetic, visual, and audio learners.

Early education professionals can introduce young minds to the world of digital learning with the help of our interactive table, electronic whiteboards and touch screen computers. Windows 8 allows easy access to the Windows App Store. Bundle includes the following software: Word Pop, Directions, Patterns, and Shapes.

If, however, going up the ramp takes longer than going up the stairs, or you need to spend time building a ramp before you can get into the building, then the extra time is appropriate.

There are three unsaid reasons for giving extra time that are not in your child’s best interest: .

Portable equipment can be ordered for transient use in the presentation rooms or in spaces not equipped.

Media Services also provides training in the use of classroom presentation systems.Tablets & netbooks can provide students with an easy way to record lectures, take images of notes that are scrawled on a board, and have instant access to a spell-checker, a calculator, and a computer engine that will read aloud text on a screen or even allow them to talk to the device and have it write down what they say.For the younger child, managing and supporting these tools may be beyond her ability, but having the technology platforms in the house or working with someone in school to have these technologies available is a good starting place for many of the most effective accommodations.In a world of budget cuts, staffing shortages and larger class sizes, understanding the laws that surround special education programs in U. schools is crucial to building an inclusive learning environment for every student — from those with physical and learning disabilities, to exceptionally gifted children, and every child in between.The National Center for Education Statistics estimates roughly 70 percent of today’s students are enrolled in elementary or middle schools.Please send your suggestions via email to David Turkiew, Director, Media Services or arrange for an in-person meeting.


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