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Finally, it also points out that anti-Christian systems have no rational basis for the idea of natural law in the first place, so their arguments from natural law against miracles ‘commit suicide’.

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Part I Introduction I have a cute story about the title of this workshop, "Special Relationships: The Home of Guilt." For many years I would always refer to the Course as saying the special relationship is the home of guilt.

Several years ago I got a call from a friend of ours who was going to give a workshop with that title, and she asked me where in the Course it was found. Now this was before we had a concordance and an electronic search program.

Feedback archive → Feedback 2006 Response by Dr Jonathan Sarfati This email questioning miracles comes from the self-styled Peidos from South Australia, who gave permission for this to be posted but without name or initials (real name and address supplied).

Peidos in another email wanted to make it clear that he was ‘taking the “evolutionist” or “atheist” side’, not that we doubted it.

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