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More information about this error may be available in the server error log.A new way to carbon-date old samples has been developed by physicists in Italy. This novel method identifies clusters as older or younger than 5.7 ± 0.8 Myr based on the appearance of the first population of red supergiant stars.

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Young victims should have access to the legal system and other sensitive services needed to ensure their safety.

Unfortunately, teens often face overwhelming obstacles to these basic legal protections, many of which are written into their states' laws.

If you know of a change or want an update on your state, email us at [email protected]

Only 35 kilometres from Paris (South East) in Essonne, the Hostellerie de Varennes provides a warm welcome in a magnificent building dating from 1750.

When an organism dies, it stops taking in carbon, so the number of carbon-14 atoms decreases with a half-life of about 5730 years – a timescale that makes it ideal for investigating human history.

However, for samples aged around 50,000 years or older, accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) is the only method that is sensitive enough to detect the minute amounts of remaining carbon-14.

Techniques requiring only broad-band photometry are observationally efficient, but spectra provide richer sources of information and may warrant the increased exposure time based on the goals of the specific project, i.e. An example of the fourth category of age dating techniques is the use of Wolf–Rayet spectral features (namely the 4650 Å emission ‘bump’) in the integrated spectra of young clusters (e.g. Here, we introduce a new technique along similar lines, based on the evolution of massive stars.

We apply this technique to a photometric catalogue of YMCs in M83.

The first compares the integrated broad/narrow-band photometry (e.g. The fourth and final broad category is the use of specific spectral features that are due to a unique stellar evolutionary phase with known beginning time and duration.

While each technique requires accurate models of stellar evolution and spectral synthesis – of which our understanding and techniques continue to develop – the main difference is observational. This type of technique is particularly attractive, as it avoids the complexities of modelling a full stellar population, and focusses on a single stellar evolutionary phase.

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