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” Sara asks her dating coach, Israel Irenstein, as the three of us walk down the Bowery in Lower Manhattan toward Phebe’s Tavern and Grill. Oh, and she’s never had a conversation with a secular man.

Sara, who three years ago left her husband, and three weeks ago decided once and for all that there is no God, doesn’t fit the profile of a divorcée on the prowl: She’s 22 years old. “They’re raised to do what they’re told,” Irenstein tells me.

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I am in my 40s and had been finding it brutally difficult on the social scene not even being invited to a party, picnic, or barbecue anywhere because most people are in “clicks” and will not let me in. As ironic as this seems, since I am employed in radio broadcasting and I can market myself well for that, I am clueless when it comes to knowing how to market myself as a single man looking for love. I was feeling skeptical and fearful of the unknown and she was nothing short of empathetic, kind, and understanding with my situation. ” I was fortunate to meet Heidi when I attended her workshop on online dating.

When I travel with mass transit most women are closed off to the world in their mobile communication devices. She offered me excellent coaching including developing a plan for improved photos taken by a professional photographer. One of these days I look forward to meeting my wife. I had recently been divorced after a long marriage and was looking for both guidance and support as I moved on to the next phase of my life.

Within the OTD (“Off the ” or ex-religious) community, Irenstein helps roughly five times as many men as he does women.

Many OTD women have been raised to obey, to take a back seat, and to avoid speaking to men, so they are less likely to ask for help with their love lives.

Your session includes four lightly retouched pictures in both high and low resolution (additional photos and retouching available for an extra fee) and focus group recommendations for photo selections.

5 NYCity Matchmaking knows that first impressions are everything, so we’ve partnered with some of the most talented stylists in the business so that you can look your best and date with confidence!

Closet Makeover Our stylist will help you clear your closet of clothes you’ll never wear and maybe shouldn’t own!

Let us help you plan the right outfit for that big date.

It quickly turned into a flourishing business that now charges upwards of 00 for a few hours of coaching. Yet it feels a bit devious and manipulative."I am morally neutral," Justin explained.

He says many of his clients are in their twenties and thirties, that a lot of them are perfectly cool dudes who, for whatever reason, just aren't having the success that they would like. "As long as the guy is not lying about who he really is."It's good advice that Justin himself follows very closely.

As a result, they often struggle once they’ve left the fold.


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