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which a real 'emo' is not and they will just try to bring you down with its not easy i date a emo girl on line , but because i class myself as emo too thn its easyer 4 me cus i have a bad life and parents hate me so yea unless u are emotionally unstable thn u might want to think again cus thy can get a bit out of hand anyway good look m8 Wow. In other words, a girl who knows nothing about emo, is nothing like emo, except she watches the 'right' shows and the right magazines and bows to peer pressure enough to imitate the look. Of course an actor hides him/herself behind the role, but this OP doesn't even take the risk a real does of putting him/herself out there in front of an audience to be seen. No, he wants the experience (albiet only a reasonable facimile of the experience since the emo girl will be not even a reasonable facimile of emo) to expand his acting repetore. Pouty children that are angry they have to grow up....a clinically depressed person..least they can have an emo look without faking it.

I don't know...guess I must be to mentally mature to understand the attraction! I must be over the hill And here all these years the guys liked smiles and laughs! Ok, I would like one Hindu Egyptian Country and Western singer with blue eyes and a handlebar moustache.

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Achieving Emo Style Understanding Emo Tastes Impressing an Emo Girl Asking out an Emo Girl Community Q&A It may seem difficult to get an emo girlfriend, yet it actually isn't too hard if you know how to do it.

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