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When the Macarena comes on, your rhythm is so on point you're basically one person. That giggly schoolgirl crush feeling is so real for you.

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He was there for your high school graduation, college graduation, and when you got your first adult job.

Oh, and when your first paycheck came, you skipped out on the regular Red Robin celebratory dinner and ate at an overpriced restaurant together because you felt like adults.

your significant other that you have kept through most of your high school career. (which means summer doesn’t count) jane went on to marry her highschool sweetheart right after she graduated a couple that had met and been together in highschool and stayed together long after graduating.“ben and judy are highschool sweethearts.

a current couple in high school that has been dating for most of their high school years. a person whom you date during your highschool years, in which you date them for 1.5 or more school years.

Everyone hates it and you get some serious side-eye when it happens, but you're too busy giggling to care. He's seen you at your awkward stages and still thought you were beautiful. When you started dating, his little sister was, like, 8 and now she's in high school.

If you found someone who thought you were beautiful in braces and side bangs, never let that person go. You watched her grow up, and now she's as much as a little sister to you as you're a big sister to her.5. You absolutely crush any party together that requires a fancy dress and a dance floor because you've been doing awful corny dances together since way back when.

A few relevant snippets (with my commentary today):"I won't forget our first time bonding when we were (surprise, surprise) bitching about guys…I love you forever and someday our princes will come (and if not we can always become the scary, gothic cat ladies)."Hahahaha but uuuuggggh, you guys. I feel less whiney about it now (well, most of the time) and I'm almost 31.

Was I seriously this dramatic about love in high school? I'm also feeling a little embarrassed that nearly 14 years later, people are pretty much saying the same things to single old me.

He was there to celebrate every awesome milestone in your life, which made them even more awesome. You have the absolute best inside jokes and pretty much your own language that no one understands.

Like, when someone says they "need Starbucks," you two can't help but crack up because it means something hilarious and kind of inappropriate to you two.

There was this girl I was obsessed with in high school.

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