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It is revoked at the end of this period if the manufacturer has not received a corresponding type approval certificate.

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For example, the human assembly is obtained from NCBI.

Because of this, you can expect us to release a new version of a genome soon after the assembling organization has released the version.

Assemblies predating the 2003 introduction of the six-letter naming system were given two-letter names in a similar gs# format and human assemblies are named hg# for human genome.

UCSC does not produce its own genome assemblies, but instead obtains them from standard sources.

As defined in Regulation 1360/2002, requirement 291, the interoperability status depicted on this page was provisional for a period of 4 months starting from 29th January 2004.

From 1st June 2004, the information presented on this page is definitive.

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A new assembly release initially consists of the genome sequence and a small set of aligned annotation tracks.

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