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The oldest known perfume bottles date back as far as Ancient Europe, and were made using stone in order to keep the intoxicating scent of perfume cool, they may have featured hand-carved sculptures of animals and human forms on these earlier containers.Glass bottles were in fact made as far back as the 15 C perfume was mainly sold in glass vials, you could purchase these vials full of your favourite scent; a intricate or stylized perfume bottle came at a much higher cost.

The same companies also produced perfume bottles in cameo glass.

Again, leaves and flowers were popular motifs, in colors that ranged from pink to purple to green, all of which were encased in white.

It turned out to be a Baccarat bottle from 1917 and was quite rare and valuable.” Most of the questions she answers are about something left to someone by a family member or found while antiquing.

Helen does not give values on anything, but she has an incredible amount of knowledge and she shares it freely. ” feature puts visitors in contact with a group of appraisers, each with a different perfume bottle and vanity specialty such as Victorian or Commercial.

Robert Ricci, from The House of Nina Ricci once said, “A perfume is a work of art, and the object that contains it must be a masterpiece;” Antique and vintage scent holders are perfect for doing just that.

These beautiful vessels that house the liquid scent come in a variety of differing ages, styles and condition.

It was during this period that Art Deco scent holders emerged, featuring bold, geometric shapes and strong lines, the most iconic of which is the Chanel No.5 bottle C that perfume bottles advanced in their designs, the Art Nouveau style was very popular during this period, and today is very collectable.

From the 1890’s onwards these perfume bottles featured ornate tops, silver stoppers, gilt leaf and flower decorations.

And in doing even more research, the bottom of the 60th Anniversary bottle is also not acid etched, putting my bottle far earlier than 1986...


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