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All information posted here in this group will be related to people, events, and placed all with in the state of Wisconsin.

We would like to keep this group focused on what is going on with in the state it self, and not events in the neighboring states.

Whether it’s setting up the tent, building a campfire, or knowing the trails by heart, your Wisconsin man wants to make you feel like the queen of the woods when you’re roughing it together.

If you would like to be added to the list in the main submission, all you have to do is comment on the current journal.

Please keep in mind that it is a little time consuming for us to update it, so updates are limited to once a month!

Wisconsinites have a unique dialect, know these few words and phrases before you meet your future in-laws. “D” is frequently substituted for “th” in conversation. ” “Upnort” is a location, describing a vacation destination for Wisconsinites, usually a lake house in northern Wisconsin. You can hunt in the forest all day, head straight to date night without changing your clothes, and you will likely get a compliment. Any Wisconsin sports team jersey is acceptable attire, no matter the occasion, seriously.

If he says something like “We’re goin’ upnort fer da summer. Hunting and fishing are family rituals in Wisconsin.

About me; I'm a down to Earth guy and single divorced dad.

My future wife would need to be a Christian as well.

Remember the lack of basic sanitation is only temporary, and enjoy the bonding experience.

Miller, Leininkugels, PBR, and New Glarus are just a few of the well-known breweries that originated in Wisconsin.

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