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Millions of people call her show for advice on coping with a wide range of marriage, parenting, career, and personal problems.

She is strident in asserting the importance of stay-at-home parenting, abstinence until marriage, not living together before marriage, and the proper treatment of husbands and wives.

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Laura Show At its peak or popularity in the 1990s, Laura Schlessinger's syndicated radio show had about 500 affiliates and over 10-million listeners.

The program is public spectacle -- the lives of faceless strangers impacted by her advice for three hours daily.

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M., Laura Schlessinger is already working on her syndicated column or her latest book, lifting free weights and doing squat thrusts. : The Abdication of Character, Courage, and Conscience, held on for 34 weeks. Laura's old friends and colleagues listen to all this with mirthless amusement.

She moves fast, charging past staffers who beseech her for a moment of her time. But her followers aren't really seeking religion: they want a taskmaster to stiffen their spines and tell them what to do. Laura is happy to oblige, dispensing her advice in doses that land as hard as a cane on the back. Laura's sinewy little size-two body is clad in a cornflower-blue Escada blazer and matching skintight jeans cinched around her taut waist. "Let's not try to find a decent man: let's wait till he turns into one! "My answer to women who complain about their men is: Pick better! "I love women who volunteer," she says witheringly. One caller divorced his wife, with whom he has a seven-year-old, a four-year-old, and 18-month-old twins, because she is manic-depressive and suicidal. Laura has no sympathy for his custody problems: "Your penis helped create this," she says. "It's helping the world." Linda, whose first adulterous affair was with her therapist, quavers, "You may have saved my life." A grandmother offers, "I wish I had heard you when I was bringing my children up. After some found that grandiose, she claimed she was misquoted: "I have never, ever said that I was a prophet! ("She said it twice," reports the writer, Janet Wiscombe.)But Schlessinger's fervor is indisputably evangelical, and her listeners believe her to be a paragon, a beacon of hope and rectitude in a dissolute, degraded world. "She is probably the unhappiest woman I've ever met," says Shelley Herman, a writer who has worked with Schlessinger and been a closest friend for many years.

Laura Schlessinger is a popular conservative radio talk show host.

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