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I asked Sandy to continue narrating her experience and she told me that his family was against the marriage; “they told him that I was loose and that he should get married to a virgin.They warned him that I would corrupt his children and reminded him that I was from a different religion.

Control freak tendencies even if minor, quick personality shifts or changes which can include revenge, quick to anger, inability to admit errors or wrongdoing, and poor active listening skills thus a tendency to interrupt too quickly.

The key to marrying a good Egyptian man is to test him. Wanting to leave Egypt is not always a bad sign since many indeed want to create a better life for themselves and their future family or at least explore the world.

They don’t entirely make sense to you once you pause to consider them but they are ingrained in our culture nonetheless, and if one of them is broken, you automatically think must have enough food present to feed a small army and their descendants for at least the next seventeen generations, as well as their extended families in the countryside.

The fact that approximately 80% of this food will be left uneaten is entirely irrelevant; it should be there regardless, burdening the dining table with its weight.

Life in Cairo is much the same as it is in any other city of the world.

People get up in the morning, go to school or work, have meals with their family, spend time with their friends, and go to the supermarket, much the same as your family does. Only the wealthy can afford to live in free-standing houses because space is difficult to find.Lately, and because of the increasing number of divorces, custody issues, and domestic violence cases, some countries warn their women from Egyptian men.Yes, they tell them clearly not to get emotionally involved or legally committed to an Egyptian man! I got it first hand from a European woman who is living in Egypt, was married to an Egyptian man, has a son, and is currently divorced.Because of the nature of my work in the tourism sector, I am used to hearing that this or that country has issued a travel warning to its citizens who plan on traveling to Egypt, especially in the aftermath of an attack.Naturally, most warnings address safety and security issues, and some warnings dedicate a section or two to hygiene and harassment.Apartments usually have one large room in the front - the living room, where the family entertains guests.

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