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Mary Ann Papp, 75, said she was harassed by staff at Neilson Place, a nursing home in Bemidji, after her family installed a surveillance camera to monitor her care.

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First and foremost, the law would call for the camera to be placed in an area that would be considered “conspicuously visible.” Moreover, if a resident shares a room, the roommate would need to consent to the camera being placed.

In the event that the roommate lacks the legal capacity to give this consent, there is a method under the bill to circumvent this requirement, but the process is lengthy.

However, an email from the governor’s office stated that he will provide the bill with careful consideration as he would any piece of prospective legislation that crosses his desk.

Several hoops would need to be jumped through on the part of the resident’s family if the governor approves the bill.

Mother looked gaunt For Jean Peters and her sister Kay, the decision to install a video camera in their mother Jackie’s room was a last-ditch step for a family that suspected lapses in their mother’s care.

“We never dreamed we would find what we found,” said Peters, a nurse practitioner. There was the sudden and unexplained drop in their mother’s weight, from 105 pounds to 94 pounds, which made her already-slight frame look gaunt and emaciated, the sisters said.

This would include any costs related to connecting the camera to the Internet in order to facilitate remote monitoring over the web.

According to local CBS Radio affiliate KMOX News, Governor Rauner has yet to issue any statements that would indicate whether he plans to approve the new bill or to veto it.

May Ann Papp, front, was seen in the nursing home with her daughter Lisa Papp- Richards Tuesday, March 21, 2017, in Bemidji, MN.] DAVID JOLES ï [email protected] Bemidji nursing home that repeatedly pressured a 74-year-old woman, and double amputee, to remove a surveillance camera from her private room was found responsible for emotional abuse by state health authorities.


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