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But many are anonymous, like kik, Yik Yak and Whisper, with each user going by just a made-up username. "The apps are not in itself a dangerous app," Porter said. Like a drug or something, it only causes damage when it's misused." She added: "Not all of these apps are dangerous or evil, but they can be for teenagers.

They can cause children to be victims of sexual predators or cyber-bullies." Porter and Hagen-Peer have put together a 100-slide Power Point presentation on the apps that concern them.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Rhonda Porter and other Akron school officials recently had a battle on their hands with a group of girls fighting and threatening each other.

All of it on the kik smartphone application, with no real names for any of the participants and all out of the school's control.

Porter, a lawyer for the Akron school district said the constant flare-ups of bullying, threats and unwanted messages from potential predators are "eye-opening." She said district officials are constantly intervening, even putting up "cyber-fences" around schools to block unwanted messages to kids.

So she and Christina Hagen-Peer, a lawyer with Walter Haverfield, have started telling parents, teachers and administrators about what they consider the 10 most "dangerous" phone apps to children's emotional and physical safety.

“You can take that information and find someone’s house or business.” When Mattel announced Hello Barbie in February, privacy advocates were concerned.

The doll is always "listening," meaning that it sends audio files to a cloud server for processing and storage.

So trust us when we say hacking into your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat would be no issue, probably because your password is ‘password’… Or do you want the most complex available ensuring your safety? Hackers use malware to hack into your computer, capture every word that is typed on your keyboard… Also whilst you’re there, spare two minutes for this video outlining exactly how to conjure up an unhackable password - ‘How to pick a proper password’ – there’s a tongue twister for you!

So first and foremost have different passwords for each account.

In November 2014, British toymaker Vivid Toys debuted an Internet-connected doll, My Friend Cayla, that used speech recognition and artificial intelligence techniques to have conversations with kids.

By February, researchers had hacked the doll to spew curse words.

Hello Barbie is a version of the classic toy that converses with kids, remembers things they say, and recalls details later.


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