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Of course, Audrina -- constantly wearing her heart on her sleeve -- quickly opened up and told Justin she felt they could work things out.She'd even admitted to Lo earlier in the episode that despite it all, there was "still something there" between them.During its production, she was cast in positions with Quixote Studios and Epic Records.

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As usual, THG's recap of The Hills will consist of us grading last night's episode, awarding (or deducting) points for the best and worst moments. Lo) all got decked out in various costumes to celebrate.

This week, Audrina Patridge decides to move to her own place, where she hopes she'll be able to rekindle the passion with Justin-Bobby. You have to give Audrina Patridge credit (that's the only sexy peacock we've ever seen), but LC and Lo also rocked some interesting, semi-elaborate getups.

Cue this zinger: "Kristin did something different to me than me and you had done," he said. Justin and Kristin's relationship has appeared to be such a showmance that I've never really taken the time to consider JB actually developing any real feelings for the blond heartbreaker.

"We went somewhere I haven't really gone with somebody, and I really didn't want to think about the consequences. There's no way he could have fallen harder for Kristin than Audrina, right? Remember when he gave Audrina that cheesy ring in Palm Springs? And what about a few weeks ago, when he told Audrina that he "could never say anyone was better than Audrina Patridge? And I want to say I can't understand why Audrina is such a glutton for punishment.

In this sneak preview of tonight's Hills episode (watch below), Patridge is seen talking to oddly-named coworker Chiara (at the Epic Records offices) about the events that went down when Justin-Bobby showed up to a recent work function."Think of how many times you've wanted to end it with him," Chiara says, looking a tad annoyed to even be talking about this, scripted as it is. He can't keep coming and sweeping you off your feet."As usual, our recap of The Hills will consist of our staff grading last night's episode, awarding (or deducting) points for the best and worst moments.

The gang heads to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a weekend of fun. Friday night was Halloween and The Hills' Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth (a.k.a. Elsewhere, Heidi Montag drinks on the job and gets fired.The former "Hills" star and Australian BMX pro have gone their separate ways after five years of a rather tumultuous love affair, reports Us Weekly. They started dating in 2009 after Patridge's breakup from fellow "Hills" star and bad boy Justin (Bobby) Brescia.Throughout their relationship Patridge and Bohan parted ways often, but appeared to be in a good place after their last breakup in March 2011.Patridge entered the film industry with starring positions in the horror film Sorority Row (2009) and Direct-to-DVD film, Into the Blue 2: The Reef (2011).

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