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Instead of writing more paragraphs I can use tabular to explain, I think this will be easy to understand.

Each event method has a SPItem Event Properties parameter named properties.

Receives an iterator function and invokes it once per each field changed with the last server update.

Considering theaforementioned you can insert an item following these steps. Company Name = company Names(customer Index) customer. Item Deleting, Address Of rdf_Item Deleting 'This example distinguishes the templates by passing a string argument for the sake of brevity rdf. ID = "tb Company Name" Add Handler t Box Company Name.

To String() End Sub The logic here is similar to the above with one difference, here the Data Form Item available in the arguments is actually a Rad Data Form Insert Item. To String()))) End Sub private static readonly Random random = new Random(); static string[] contact Names = new string[] ; static string[] company Names = new string[] ; static string[] contact Titles = new string[] ; public List data Source [Serializable] public class Customer protected void Rad Data Form1_Item Updating(object sender, Rad Data Form Command Event Args e) protected void Rad Data Form1_Item Inserting(object sender, Rad Data Form Command Event Args e) protected void Rad Data Form1_Item Deleting(object sender, Rad Data Form Command Event Args e) protected void Rad Data Form1_Need Data Source(object sender, Rad Data Form Need Data Source Event Args e) Private Shared Read Only random As New Random() Shared contact Names As String() = New String() Shared company Names As String() = New String() Shared contact Titles As String() = New String() Public Property data Source() As List(Of Customer) Get Dim obj As Object = Session("Data Source") If obj Is Nothing Then Dim customers As New List(Of Customer)() Dim customer Index As Integer = random.[Next]() Mod 10 For i As Integer = 0 To 29 Dim customer As New Customer() customer. Contact Title = contact Titles(customer Index) customer. Item Updating, Address Of rdf_Item Updating Add Handler rdf. Instantiate In 'create some controls to show data t Box Company Name = New Text Box() t Box Company Name. Enabled = False End If lbl Contact Name = New Label() lbl Contact Name.

Data Form Item, Rad Data Form Editable Item) Dim new Values As New Hashtable() edited Item.

Extract Values(new Values) Dim edited Customer As Customer = data Source.

I always forget this and when I come to create a new Share Point Event Receiver I wonder why the Before Properties or After Properties are sometimes not populated.

The Synergy MOSS blog has a really good post describing exactly what properties will contain a hash table and which will be empty depending on which list type the event is coming from and in which method (e.g.

I tried to explain that a business plan can't be a tightly crafted prediction of the future but rather a depiction of how events might unfold and a road map for change.

I emphasized the notion that successful entrepreneurs constantly seek the right mixture of people, opportunity, context, and deal.

This is my first post in 2013, here I just want to discuss about Event Receivers in Share Point 2010 (SPItem Event Receiver class) and an important factor with the Event Receivers.


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