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The relationship between mothers and their gay sons is a longstanding theme of queer cinema, usually of the suffocating, jealousy-ridden, Freudian kind.

That’s a trope filmmaker Mike Roma would like to upend.

She told the jury that after she fended him off, he kept staring at her as she completed filming her scene.'I got a very bad feeling from him,' she said of the initial encounter.

Nagel, an aspiring songwriter who uses the alias 'Chaz Rose,' later complained on a social networking site that, 'the victim had not responded to a song and letter he had written her, that this was causing him to become angry and that he knew where the program was filming,' a criminal complaint says.

Nagel is also accused of contacting Ms Erbe's 14-year-old daughter professing his love for her and growing increasingly angry over being unfriended by them on Facebook.

Jurors heard that Nagel wrote bizarre things about his target including, 'I want her to open her eyes to look in mine and make love'.

Charles Nagel, 36, from Philadephia is on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court charged with stalking Ms Erbe in 20.

The actress filed a complaint that resulted in interstate stalking charges against Nagel.Roma serves as writer-director on the project, which is about the close bond between a single mother (Erbe) and her gay son, played by newcomer Patrick Reilly. The duo “navigate the world of online dating as they search for their versions of ‘Mr. Najimy will play a neighbor, with Iacono playing a potential love interest for Reilly. Najimy is represented by Abrams Artists Agency and Iacono is repped by Michael Einfeld Management. In the second day of the trial and in sometimes tearful testimony, Ms Erbe recalled thinking, 'that I'm not going to let this go on anymore - that this is my daughter who is totally innocent and relatively defenseless'. Ms Erbe looked at her alleged tormentor only briefly while testifying to identify the man who she said harassed her for eight months and contacted her ex-husband and other family members and got irate when they did not respond.Prosecutors allege a campaign of harassment began in 2008 when Nagel showed up at a Manhattan filming location with his wife and two daughters and tried to hug Ms Erbe.Kathy Najimy has joined the cast of Mike Roma’s “Dating My Mother,” The Wrap has learned.


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