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You can remix if you like, however I would appreciate credit and you cannot use any of Aquadrop's characters unless you go to her beforehand and she grants you permission.

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Do you pick yourself up after yet another promising start ends up with yet another unasked for d*ck pic?

How heavy is your heart after the person you matched with, messaged with, met with – the person who got your hopes up after all those other dud dates – turns out to be another disappointment?

What is the accumulated weight of a thousand tiny emotional investments?

Do you tell yourself it’s just a numbers game when the person who said they were looking for a relationship turns out to be in a relationship?

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Pearson is known for her being voted into FHM’s top 100 4 times.In a study for, anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher (whose three TED talks on the neuroscience of love have been watched 15 million times) found that 54% of women currently feel exhausted by modern dating.As foster agency worker Yaa Osei-Asibey, 30, explains: “I’ve been on Tinder for a while now and my general cycle is constant swiping, finally making a match, some good banter and eventually, a meet-up.Kayleigh Emma Pearson (born 25 June 1985) is an English model who is most famous for winning FHM 's second High Street Honey competition, in 2003.Born in Bath, Somerset, she was named after the Marillion song "Kayleigh" when it was in the charts in 1985, which her mother heard on the radio while in hospital after giving birth.Or do you feel that familiar crush of anger and exhaustion when you realise the one date you didn’t even like that much is ghosting you?


  1. There still needs to be more education out in the community.” Nicole just got out of a five year relationship, so she’s single and trying to date.

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