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In other words, goblin sharks cannot fit all of their teeth in their mouths!Live goblin sharks have only rarely been observed and almost never filmed, so most of scientists’ knowledge of this species is a result of their accidental capture in fisheries targeting other species.

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Unfortunately, in Africa, the Big Five includes animals are now some of the most endangered animals on the planet.

Illegal poaching, increasing conflicts with the human population and damage to their environment has all led to pressures on wild populations of these animals.

Mountain goats (which, by the way, are actually more closely related to antelopes than goats) can jump 12 feet and are acclimated to both high-altitude and low temperatures. The good news about the deathstalker, which skitters around the deserts of the Middle East flexing its vicious little pinchers, is that its name is mostly marketing.

If you have researched safaris and wildlife, including how to volunteer with animals abroad, then you are sure to have come across The Big Five animals of Africa. The term ‘The Big Five’ includes the African lion, the black rhinoceros, the African elephant, the African leopard and the Cape buffalo.

More often than not, though, the crocs are so afraid of angering the mother hippos that they’ll let their babies get close.

Sometimes, close enough to do something really, well…

Crocs and hippos often share the same habitats in Africa, so you may assume that there might be conflicts between them.

Yet in reality, hippos are larger and much stronger, so the crocodiles tend to leave them alone, including babies… Unattended baby hippopotamuses sometimes get eaten by crocodiles.

They are believed to be active predators and to take some fishes, as well as squids and pelagic crustaceans.

When hunting, they identify prey below their sensitive rostrum and extend their jaws, far from their mouths, to grasp what they find.

Here's an animal that wouldn't stand a chance against much of this list on flat ground, or even in your typical mountain environment.


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