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Marriages in New Zealand are solemnised by marriage celebrants where a marriage celebrant may be a minister of religion of a specified religious body, a marriage celebrant of an approved organisation, or an independent marriage celebrant.

Before 1976 there was growing dissatisfaction with the Marriage Act as it restricted people to choose between a Christian marriage that was usually performed in a church and solemnised by an Officiating Minister, or to a secular marriage in a Registry office where the number of guests was very restricted.

Teenage brides made up 32 percent of all brides in 1971, compared with just 3 percent in 1999.

Before 1976 the majority of marriages in New Zealand were performed by ministers of religion in a church with the remainder performed by a registrar in a registry office.

From 1976, the Marriage Amendment Act 1976 allowed for marriages to be performed by organisational and independent marriage celebrants in addition to religious organisational marriage celebrants (ministers of religion).

The percentage of marriages performed by religious celebrants has steadily declined since 1976.

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