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srpnja Kokteli, druženja, morski valovi, vrući plesni ritmovi salse i kizombe i najbolja party ekipa u živopisnom istarskom gradu Rovinju. izdanju festivala očekuje vas više od 60 svjetskih instruktora karipskih plesova, 18 DJa, 150 sati partija, 2 velika live koncerta i preko 3000 dobro raspoloženih ljudi iz cijeloga svijeta…. Tri dana lude zabave, dobrog vremena i naravno dobrog vjetra!

Posjetite obnovljenu plažu Martulina u Peroju gdje će se od 23. lipnja po prvi puta održati međunarodni festival zmajeva pod nazivom “FLYin FEST” koju organizira grad Vodnjan u suradnji s udrugom grupe zmajara “Teste per aria” iz Trevisa.

There’s only one word to describe such zeal: coffee. Language always reflects what is most important in the lives of its speakers. The all-embracing Croatian cafe culture is more than loafing around at sun-lit terraces – a familiar image of Zagreb, Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik. [let’s go for coffee] is the most widespread invitation to socialize.

This fragrant dark liquid is the lifeblood with which we measure our time, quality of life and soundness of our social ties. It may sound innocuous, but if you’ve never had coffee with a Croat, you need to branch out from the usual image of chit-chatting over coffee.#2 Croats meet for coffee at various occasions and with different agendas.

The Dalmatian Coastline doesn't get much better than the comfort of our premium air-conditioned boat.

The Dalmatian Coastline doesn't get much better than the comfort of our premium air-conditioned boat. It's time to kiss Split goodbye and head over the ocean for some idyllic island time.

It can be hard to seek help or sometimes even when we do it feels like nobody's listening. Talking to other teens can go a long way towards feeling better, and hearing perspectives on different topics. 7 Cups Support Rooms are safe place where you can feel comfortable and come to have fun or get support as needed.

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The beauty of Skype in the classroom is that it truly takes the world and puts it into my students’ reach.

Although my students live in London, many of them rarely leave their local borough of Enfield.

But the informal cafe setting is also perfect for closing business deals and discussing ‘terms and conditions’ that escape both large and small print.#3 Going for coffee doesn’t stop Croats from exchanging espresso for an alcoholic drink.

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