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One of the major benefits of the i Phone is that it can keep you in touch with almost anyone from almost anywhere.

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Or fetch them all, which avoids the problem as well.1.

Keep scrolling down passed the bottom of your Inbox view to force the app to load more mail.

So, if you or a service like Sane Box copies a large number of older emails into your Inbox right now, you may only see those and brand new emails that arrived after the copy. You can verify that by viewing your Inbox in your web mail interface.

Thus, your Inbox will appear to have a set of missing emails. The problem is that IOS Apple Mail hasn't "fetched" those gap emails yet and therefore is not showing them in your other email clients on the face of the planet (including Apple OSX Mail) fetch from your mail server by latest arrivals first instead of most recently copied or moved.

-- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: t=1230908 Posted from - also have 1 other user like this, have no clue what it might be.

-- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: t=1230908 Posted from - the problem by updating to outlook 2003, but the only thing is the outbox is not updating until something is clicked on, but i can live with that, because messages are still being sent. It was still doing it when i chose upgrade, when i ran the 2003 setup. I would turn off 'cached mode' for affected uses to see if this alleviates problem. You can in fact access the more recent items (via your web mail or even an alternate email app or email client.) The Mail app is actually grabbing the wrong subset of your Inbox email which causes some email to appear to be missing.The Mail app is showing you the emails that got moved into your Inbox most "recently" instead of your "newest" emails."Pegasus (MVP)" I am having the same exact problem here, for one of my users, they were on 2000 outlook, i upgraded and removed profile and added it back after installing 2003 and it worked fine.Running Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail, for no apparent reason WLM suddenly got stuck, reporting in the bottom right corner, that it is "Updating calendar..." I have never used the calendar in the 12 months I have been running WLM (I don't even display it) and have never updated it at all.This can solve some problems that cause Mail not to work. Another key troubleshooting step is to make sure you have the latest version of the i OS, the operating system that runs the i Phone.


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