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A common symptom that is life-threatening if it goes undiagnosed is a congenital weakness of the aorta, the main vessel leaving the heart. Last year, researchers led by David Hollister at the University of Nebraska found defective fibrillin in people with the disease but could not prove a link.

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It’s great to see the writers find completely new territory to explore five seasons in and Slattery is excellent casting for the role: quick on his feet, confident, and able to keep up with the always fantastic Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Martin Mull joins the cast as Bob Bradley, “The Eagle,” a legendary political strategist Selina is thrilled to bring on board to head her Nevada recount team.

Amy is less enthusiastic, of course, and given his dismissive attitude toward her and his dubbing Richard, “Affirmative Action Jackson,” she’s probably right to be leery.

By analysing the role played by the normal protein in the tissue, researchers aim to discover how its abnormal form causes symptoms of disease.

People with Marfan syndrome have a wide variety of problems, including eyesight defects, heart disease and abnormally long limb bones.

I should have caught this sooner.” He told my mom he believed I had Marfan syndrome and referred us to the cardiology and genetics clinic at the children’s hospital for further evaluation. I remember them struggling with whether they “gave” me the syndrome and what they were going to do about handling my diagnosis.

I remember being really frustrated because I felt like the doctors were talking over me to my parents. I didn’t realize the potential seriousness of it until later when I had to stop doing activities that I loved like horseback riding and basketball.

“Nev-AD-a” picks up where “Morning After” left off, but rather than building on the momentum of the premiere, this episode takes a step back, giving the characters some time to adjust to their new surroundings.

While it would have been nice for the show to push forward at a faster pace, with Selina attempting to repair her image with another—hopefully much more successful— high profile symposium or event, keeping things low stakes allows the writers to set up several new threads for the season.

The groundwork laid here is entertaining and full of Veep’s trademark bite, and hopefully viewers’ patience will be rewarded later in the season when these arcs inevitably come to a head.

The biggest development of the episode is the introduction of John Slattery as Charlie Baird, a charming Wall Street bigwig Selina takes a shine to.

It affects the cardiovascular system, particularly the aorta, which is the main blood vessel running from the heart.


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