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“It’s a team effort to have a run like that.” Now Stafford and the rest of the players on offense will have the benefit of an entire offseason and training camp to delve into the intricacies of Cooter’s offense as they try to perfect it.

Last year, it was all about learning on the fly after the change was made midway through the season. He no-question has the reins in that.” Stafford is hopeful this offense can hit the ground running where it left off last season -- even without the retired Calvin Johnson -- because of the comfort level and confidence he and everyone else on that side of the ball has with Cooter and his system.

Kelly is close to giving birth to the couple’s first children – twin girls!

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Stafford's successful run the final eight games took everyone chipping in and doing their part.

“I learned a lot not only about myself, but the guys around me,” Stafford said.

Matthew plays for the Detroit Lions and Kelly is a big supporter of her hubby.

This is not his first playoff game – but Matthew is looking for his first playoff win today!

Kelly shared a video of herself and her NFL star husband, 29, pulling two giant hot pink bows out of a box to loud cheers from dozens of pals.

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