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The speeds in the streaming flash were really good. Also, the videos are available in whole, and then also broken into short clips. All good stuff but there's just not a lot of content in the site yet. That said, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that there's simply not a lot here right now.

Mos def dating now

Kendra has been in the news recently as having had an affair with WWE star John Cena. The bottom line is that Kendra is the kinda girl that most would want to wrestle with anyway. Both videos and photo sets are available, and the quality is high.

This sultry brunette is one hot babe, with a perfect body and smoking hot looks. Photos come in really high def (1,600x1,074px), and even though I couldn't discern video resolution, it's high definition as well. Production values are high and it's all really well done. Now, this is a brand new offering, and updates come weekly, so the amount of content will increase in time.

When a guy has you and gets to keep you without really putting in much effort, your stock inevitably goes down in his mind.

At this point, you may notice that he starts pulling away until he eventually pulls a swift Houdini on you, vanishing into the abyss without even uttering “abracadabra” to give you some warning!

While trying to figure out if they've got a "love thing" or are just ...

See full summary » Eva Dandridge is a very uptight young woman who constantly meddles in the affairs of her sisters and their husbands.

When you have a fulfilling life of your own that exists completely separate from him, you will automatically be seen as having great value.

When your happiness is rooted in all sorts of things, not just him, you will never have to watch what you say or do for fear of coming off as needy because you will never be needy.

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