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We went out for coffee and it went to the friend zone before the first sip. I think (know) that he knew I was too damaged at the time to be in a relationship.

However, I was too scared to tell him I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship two months ago.

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I found myself messaging several potential dates (and I also found myself on the receiving end of some comical messages, particularly ones regarding my affinity for pickles — the food.) My very first date was with a guy whose profile picture was in black and white ("Artsy! We met at the iconic Slaughtered Lamb Pub in the West Village. It looks like this, and I assumed it was a metaphor for what was to come in my dating escapades: If there's one thing I'm positive about, it's that finding the right person is a numbers game.

" was a good seal-the-deal line at the end of the night.

BPD is also known as an emotionally unstable personality disorder, and there are four types: Discouraged (co-dependent clingy), Histrionic (impulsive, overly dramatic, attention-seeking), Petulant (angry, childish, pessimistic), and Self-Destructive (deeply troubled with self-hatred).

BPD is refractory to treatment, being that it is a personality disorder induced by emotional trauma, which cannot be treated chemically.

But in 2007, at age 28, that all changed with two words: multiple sclerosis.

Just as I was beginning to come into my own as an adult, I was diagnosed with MS, a potentially debilitating, incurable disease. ” This is the game of dating: figuring out how to give enough away to keep them interested, and at the same time withholding enough to make you seem intriguing.

I’ve been trying to get back into dating, and recently, encouraged by my friends at Vetstreet, I took a chance with some online sites, specifically those geared toward pet lovers like myself.

My Pugs are part of the family, and any man who wants to get serious about me also needs to be serious about my dogs. Most online dating sites allow users to set up a profile and browse for free, which makes it easy to see what’s out there; a site specifically geared toward pet owners is a good way to search for potential partners who understand your commitment to your furry companions.

My focus was on my career; marriage could come later.

In that sense, dating was fun because I wasn’t focused on the end game.

If you’re a woman looking for a good man, however, your options may be pretty limited, even among other pet owners.


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