My xbox 360 froze while updating

This is getting frustrating now as I have had to do the same things 4 times now so I'm not making any progress at all.

Now, when I boot the xbox, the video freezes after a few seconds of the startup splash screen.

It goes through all the audio/music of the boot up process, however, the controller is unresponsive (pressing buttons/joysticks does not result in any audio).

I've done a few troubleshooting steps: None of these have resolved our issue.

Coming from a software developer background, this doesn't really look like hardware failure, only because it is both displaying some video and audio, and I'm more thinking it's some sort of software problem that we triggered. Please try it with the disk tray open and no usb extras.

I have had X360 MC since launch after playing PC version since alpha and everything has been fine.

I did stop playing X360 version for a short period until the new update (which I downloaded about a week late).It's helping me to gain more progress without having to restart after it freezes.I'm not sure why it freezes but one time it did just after my friend died while playing multiplayer.It looks like there was an update in late June/early July 2016 for Xbox 360 that is causing a hard crash of my console after a few minutes of play.No red ring or anything like that, and all other games and apps work fine (after restarting the console).Early on in the course of play the building pictures in the build menu become corrupted, so there's probably a clue in there. The game is effectively DOA right now since you can't play it with the update, and it's severely hamstrung without it. Could you please share more details about the problem you are having. - What is happening (small summary, probably reproduction steps for our Devs)? - More details (such as screenshots, savegames, YT-video of the problem, ...)? I have had it freeze within a few minutes of playing, or freeze after an hour.


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