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I thought this was a great idea – both to demystify what dating coaching is all about, and to illustrate how focusing on your love life for a few months can have incredible long-lasting effects.

We are always busy with work, study or family problems at all times. Something always prevents us to make acquaintances with charming deaf, ASL people.

But on our dating site you must not do it because our website will always arrange to you and will assist your relationships.

Still reeling from the shock of seeing the psychiatrist’s salary, I started to wonder: Should you list your income online?

Does it make you more—or less—desirable if you post a certain number?

After some of these crazy first dates, my friends have said, "you've got to write a book! One of my sons coaches a co-ed softball team called "The Beavers." I went to a play-off game recently and was happy to get re-acquainted with a gentleman on his team - someone I sort of knew, years ago.

I remembered that his wife died about three years ago (hey, I'm not looking in the obits, but pickin's are slim around here! My son tells me he is in the process of breaking up with his girlfriend.

After a few weeks go by, I get another call from my son telling me his teammate is officially single and would like to go out with me. " Saturday morning rolls around and I get a text message from my son that there has been a schedule conflict and their night out was canceled. I told him I would call after I finished work that day.

"I promise I'll get you guys together soon." As I'm in the process of texting him back that this guy's a big boy, he can just call me if he wants to go out, and my phone rings. Once I'm done with work, I see there is a message on my phone from him.

I had just completed the second week of my Online Dating Bootcamp, when my amazing intern, Amy, recommended that I share with you the inner workings of the process.

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