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They raised their three sons in a three-bedroom house in the suburbs and sent them to public schools. He also mentioned the ski chalet in Whistler, British Columbia, the hideaway in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, and the private jet.

In 2011, Hanauer says he paid an effective federal tax rate of 11 percent.

He occupies the upper echelon of an elite group of Americans, the top 1 percent of all earners, who have amassed the lion's share of the nation's wealth gains over the past several decades.

An ace venture capitalist, he is the founder of several companies, including one called a Quantive that he sold to Microsoft for $6.4 billion.

On the day of the sale he personally banked $270 million.

Every NCAA rule violation comes and goes in the exact same way.

They are so similar that it’s a never-ending broken record of official statements that mean absolutely nothing, press releases from the NCAA that are so wordy they are barely understandable, and an outbreak of media coverage for about three days until it blows over and ESPN talks about Le Bron some more.

SEATTLE--Nick Hanauer toddled through his early years in a cramped Greenwich Village apartment. His father worked low-level jobs on Wall Street and as an editor at a publishing house.

When Nick was 5, his folks left New York to join a family pillow-making business in the Pacific Northwest.

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