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Many of the stolen records are from accounts that are no longer active, Leaked Source said.

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Imagine that in Croatia, where they have even invented new words to replace Serb or international words and thus accentuate the difference between the language!

For example, you are not supposed to use , airport.

Her feature credits include Love Ranch (2010), Cold Mountain (2003), 8 Mile (2002), A Lot Like Love (2005), White Oleander (2002) and Crossroads (2002).

She is also series regular on Orange Is the New Black (2013).

"I went straight for government employees because they seem the easiest to shame," Auernheimer said.

Some of the profile information indicated that some users are government employees, and used their government-supplied email address to register -- which is against the policies of some agencies.

In addition to acting, Manning is also a fashion designer, singer-songwriter and the vocalist for electronic duo Boomkat.

She is also co-owner of the clothing brand "Born Uniqorn".

Each user's profile contains personal information, such as email addresses and ZIP codes.

Britain's Channel 4 reported the hack on Thursday, and said the information on nearly 4 million profiles have been compromised.

Either way, its a beautiful and expressive language.

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