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Yet O'Brien throws in the occasional oddity to give us pause, which land on the screen like artefacts from another dimension: Orlando Bloom with an East Enders accent as an ex-soldier and burglar (seriously, he’s in the middle of pilfering a television when he literally bumps into Alice); Malkovich mugging at Toni Collette over Skype; a terrorist riding a tiny bicycle like a refugee from feels like one of those films you’d catch by accident on a late night cable channel, or might stumble on while flicking through the in-flight entertainment on a trip abroad.

At times, it’s difficult to tell whether we’re supposed to take seriously or not.

Screenwriter Peter O'Brien conjures up the phantom of international terrorism, and Apted, with his unwavering documentary-maker’s eye for the everyday, grounds the movie in a believably multicultural, contemporary London: apparently shot in the middle of October, is all steel-grey skies, social housing blocks and run-down concrete car parks.

Rapace laughs the loud, rumbling laugh of a naughty six-year-old at my surprise.

Having bulked up for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, she says, 'I wanted to be more fragile and look weaker for my next movie, Babycall’.

But a new threat - in the form of a biological weapon - forces Alice back into action, as she engages in a mad dash around London to track down the killer virus before it’s triggered.s action sequences, which are far more spiky and bloody than in your average Bond or Bourne flick.

The bad news is that the plot’s taken straight from the big book of generic spy films., even if its name slips from the mind as soon as you’ve looked at the poster.Noomi Rapace stars as Alice Racine, a former CIA interrogator who’s reluctant to return to the fold after a she failed to foil a terrorist plot five years earlier.However, when the ship finally arrives, Shaw is nowhere to be seen; David looks down at a vast city built by the Engineers, with something of a sinister glint in his eye. The next day, Michael was spotted at LAX Airport chatting on the phone.More than four years after “Prometheus” divided fans and critics alike, we have our first real look at what its follow-up holds in store.


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