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  1. For months after I got pregnant, I stressed over which of the 10 ob-gyns at my HMO would actually be on call for my baby's birth. When push came to, well, push, it wasn't my obstetrician cheering me through gut-wrenching contractions and scoring me a quick, blissful epidural, it was a labor and delivery nurse -- a woman I'd never seen before she whisked me into the maternity ward but who was such a comforting, Angela Lansbury-like presence that I wanted to add her to my Christmas-card list.

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  3. Unforgettable episodes include "Uncontrolled Variables," "Whack a Mole," and "Au Revoir." July 13, 2010This season follows Neal and Peter's efforts to find out who killed Kate, while looking after their regular assignments.

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  5. Apparently they have trouble getting into the rules of the Swedish dating game.

  6. Dating sites seem to come in three flavours - free, 'pretend free', and not-free-at-all.

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