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First Class Fashionista's primary focus is lifestyle, fashion, beauty and entertainment news. Just wondering is the situation of the playable character based on Ouran Highschool host club's Haruhi?

Passion First Class Fashionista's primary focus is lifestyle, fashion, beauty and entertainment news.

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”-“Please, call me Takashi.”--Cutest proposal of all-He puts the ring in his cake-“Y/N-chan!! ”-You’re chewing the bite when you almost choke-wow honey, just kill me why don’t you? ”-The diamond in the ring is shaped like a heart-Of course, you have to say yes to this little boy lolita-He doesn’t stop cuddling you for the ENTIRE DAY-“Y/N-chan is going to be my (wife/husband)!

Ouran High School Host Club: Complete Series Blu-ray (2006): Starring Maaya Sakamoto, Mamoru Miyano and Masaya Matsukaze. is the 25th and penultimate episode of the anime series.

Want to know more about the host club and it's members? ♥ ravioravio-blog Hello hosts, I'm currently going through a break up and I seem to be lacking a bit of confidence..

Are you seeking advice on how to get the girl of your dreams? xoxo Prince Tamaki" *Kyouya interrupts shouting "get off my computer Tamaki! I just want to know if I'll ever find a "cool type" (yes you Kyoya) that would like someone like me.

Kimiko has a pair of grey eyes with short brown hair.

She is usually seen wearing the Ouran Academy's high school girls' uniform and only seen wearing a different outfit on several occasions such as when the Host Club went to the beach, where she wears a black two-piece bikini outfit.

Be mine forever and do me the honor of becoming my (wife/husband)!

”- Of course, you accept- - Kyoya definitely knew he was going to propose- He plans everything, so this was no different- But he doesn’t fret about it- Would never do it public in fear of his reputation being tarnished- Calm and collected on the outside- Deep down he is quite nervous but would never admit it- You are eating dinner at his house when he brings it up-“Y/N we need to talk”- Is he going to break up with me?

As she is required to remain first in her class to keep her scholarship, her studies are very important to her.


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