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Outlook makes it possible for you to set up questions with simple, default replies (Approve/Reject; Yes/No; or Yes/No/Maybe), or you can put in your own custom replies (e.g., bagels, doughnuts, muffins, or grapes).In this blog post, I will begin by showing you how to use the default replies, and then we will discuss how you can put in your own options.

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The Use Voting Buttons option is already selected by default within this dialog box, but the voting options are set to Approve; Reject.

If you want to use custom voting buttons you must simply replace the Approve; Reject text with your own custom text.

In these types of situations, you can set up a poll in Outlook 2010. Although these polling options are handy, they might be inadequate in some situations.

Imagine for instance that you decided to take your staff out to lunch.

At the end of this list there is also a Custom setting.

This is useful in case the standard voting options won’t work for you.

As you can see in this image, under Voting and Tracking options you can change the items to whatever you want.

In the example above, the standard items were replaced with Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3.

It's easy to create a poll in Microsoft Outlook by including voting buttons in an email message.

When recipients respond to the poll, you can either automatically tabulate the results of the vote in Outlook or export the responses to an Excel worksheet.

The Custom option is made available when you click the Use Voting Buttons button.


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