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“It was FX’s marketing idea and I loved it immediately. Last night, I'm gathering my weapons and ammo, getting ready for Monday, and I just started to think, It's easier now. I'm going to get emotional because it was so fucking hard for so many years. My middle daughter wants to do it, but she's very focused on school. My youngest is not so into it, but they're all writers and they're all creators, they're all musicians. For my women friends who are in their 20s through their 60s, it's always the same thing.

I don’t think I can deal with my face being out everywhere in the world.” Like the character she plays, Sam Fox, Adlon is a hard-working actress and single mother of three. When somebody would say It's surprising to hear that raising three girls in their teenage years is less difficult. I think it was feeling a little easier because my kids, even though they're L. kids, they learned how to ride public transportation right away. I'm modeling a time in a woman's life for them right now that is singular and special, to show them what a lifetime of hard work can accomplish.

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But Adlon, who’s been in show business since she was 12 (The Facts of Life, Growing Pains), and has been a writer and producer for years as well as a voice actor (King of the Hill), is now also a show creator and director. When they were 12, they went to this very progressive school, like a holistic private school. We were talking about that this morning because some kids in her school were saying something and I said, "How does that make you feel? " She goes, "No, it's fine." It just is what it is.

Better Things, which premieres on September 8, is the result of Adlon’s longtime creative collaboration with Louis C. The first day they get them on the Metro from Woodland Hills to downtown L. and then they give them a map of their surroundings and tell them to walk around and find the school. She's now seeing me on the buses, which is very disturbing.

I said something to Louis at the beginning of this season, which was that when we’re doing stuff, more than going for a laugh or anything — or a reaction — we’re going for a feeling.

"I can’t feel that show anymore." Some background: Louis C.

He mentioned an animated series he is developing with Albert Brooks for FX, and gave a little bit of insight into what the show would be.“We’re making a cartoon that’s basically me and Albert in our voices,” C.

If it can all quiet down for a while, that’s probably a positive thing.” is written, directed by and stars C. and he wouldn’t even consider hiring other directors to lighten his load.

In the photograph, Adlon is laying facedown on a bed in black booty shorts and ankle boots. I'm somebody who, if I went to the grocery store and one of them wasn't with me, I would feel guilty. I’m not going to say my show is the first that’s creating that conversation, but I know that I'm being looked at as "diversity" and the "face of women" and things like that. I did want to make a portrait of a family, and being a single mom is a huge part of that. Tell me he's a "working dad," and I will be impressed and I will respect him.

“That is my butt,” Adlon says, with her signature, quick raspy laugh. I would be like, I shouldn't be doing anything without them anytime ever. I don't usually say "working mom" because I think all moms are working moms. People should say "working dad" as opposed to working moms. It's very, very difficult because a lot of men are trying to find their way.

A sixth outing is in the works, according to FX, but it doesn't have a firm debut set because C. wanted to take a break before diving back into the show. K.'s taking is similar to the breaks Larry David takes in between seasons of his long-running HBO comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, which aired its last new episode in 2011.

"Louis is anxious to take a break and work on other things," he told reporters last summer. and his longtime Louie collaborator Pamela Adlon; it stars Adlon as someone who sounds a lot like the caustic character she plays on Louie.

When FX asked Louis CK to recommend someone for a new series centering on a woman, the first name he gave them was Pamela Adlon — his longtime collaborator on his own FX comedy, “Louie.” Adlon’s semi-autobiographical half-hour series “Better Things” (Thursdays at 10 p.m.) premiered earlier this month on FX and last week was picked for a second season.


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