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Government maintains the work records of its former employees.

CMV: When you don't agree fully with either side's take on a political issue, it's more constructive to attempt to reform the view of the side you agree more with, than it is to encourage a middle ground between the two.

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Members of the class att.naming have specialized attributes which support linkage of a naming element with the entity (person, place, organization) being named; members of the class att.datable have specialized attributes which support a number of ways of normalizing the date or time of the data encoded by the element concerned.

As discussed elsewhere, these attributes provide two different ways of associating any sort of name with its referent.

The main intended applications for this module are in biographical, historical, or geographical data systems such as gazetteers and biographical databases, where these are to be integrated with encoded texts.

The chapter begins by discussing attributes common to many of the elements discussed in the remaining parts of the chapter (Most of the elements made available by this chapter share some important characteristics which are expressed by their membership in specific attribute classes.

For cases where all that is required is to provide some minimal information about the person name, for example their occupation or status, the att.naming class also provides a simple Biographical and Prosopographical Data below.

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