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While in mid-air, the insects independently rotate three different parts of their body — the abdomen, front legs and hind legs — in a choreographed, sequential order.

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These lanky insects, as wingless juveniles, leap from twig to twig faster than the blink of a human eye, and they stick their landing with the precision and grace of Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci.

Researchers, intrigued by mantises’ aerial mastery, filmed hundreds of leaps by these insects and discovered the secret behind their athleticism, and it’s far from simple.

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When Ned receives the call from Ford, he is helping museum magazine editor Marge Blaine plan her next issue, and later dodges her questions as she begs him for a big scoop.

Later, after examining the object, Ned recognizes it as a torn-off spur from an insect's leg, and soon guesses, from evidence that the creature ate human flesh, that it must be a gigantic praying mantis.

Using high-speed video, researchers recorded 58 young mantises leaping onto a 4-milimeter rod positioned two body lengths away.

In all, they recorded 381 leaps by their cadre of mantises, revealing a consistent pattern in every attempt.

They do not delude themselves into believing that they can be the top predator in the jungle—that role is reserved for just a few.

Praying mantises are known to be excellent hunters – but, a jaw-dropping photo reveals just how skilled these tiny predators really are.

The color changing ability of these insects allows them to simultaneously hunt effectively and avoid other predators higher on the food chain.


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