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If you have ordered products online from us and have not received an order confirmation, please contact us immediately at [email protected] was my Puma knife made? We cannot exchange the blade of fixed blade Puma knives, because this would be equivalent to making a new knife.If the top of the blade has broken off or the blade shows gaps, the knife can be resharpened.

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The famous bloodhound hunter Tassius designs the Rudemann and the Wildtoter.1956 – The White Hunter knife is developed in conjuction with the East African Professional Hunter’s Association.

1957 – Kurt Gutmann of Gutmann Cutlery Company in New York becomes the U. distributor.1964 – Military Series introduced.1965 – PUMA® incorporates date codes on its knives that indicate when each knife was made.

It had the Puma guarantee paper, a White Hunter knife ad, and an ad for the Puma Plainsman knife in the box.

One of my all-time favorite knives...have not bought mine yet I do however have a mint 1969 Plainsman.

It’s never been used, spent all its time in the box.

It’s stamped 96083 so it was made in July 1968 (see chart). Press the "view" button to the right of the field and the information on your knife's manufacture date will appear in green just below the box. O' Connell shares her love of adventure travel, extreme sports and pets through thousands of published articles.In the case of the 105 RC, the website returns the information that the company made it in the first half of 2005. O' Connell studied journalism at Grand Canyon University, and brings professional experience as a tour guide and travel consultant. 1967 – Renate von Frankenberg becomes the General Manager of PUMA®-Werk 1969 – Much of the PUMA® factory is destroyed by fire. 1986 – Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf dies, leaving a healthy and growing company behind.1991 – PUMA®-Werk is sold to the Hindrichs family of Solingen.1995 – Harald Lauer becomes Managing Director of PUMA®-Werk. On most models of Puma folding knives the individual parts (blade, saw, corkscrew...) can be replaced.

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