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Aziz Ansari’s Master Of None has had a remarkable track record of producing episodes that stand alone as their own artistic achievements. To discuss “Le Nozze,” an Italian jaunt about lost love, we turned to co-star and supervising producer Eric Wareheim, who plays Arnold.

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Those on the left see her as a privileged narcissist, who can’t help but see feminism through a white middle-class prism — and who unforgivably rooted for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

The HBO show that made Dunham’s name, which she has written and starred in since her early twenties, is on its final season.

So to Wareheim “Le Nozze,” which follows Arnold and Dev’s Italian adventures, documents a slice of his actual bond with the series creator.

“The episode’s really special to us because I really feel like it captures some of our real life friendship as well,” he says.

It also offers one ofthe most revealing and sound critiques of themodern man available on television.

Say what you like about Dunham, but she can write men.Let’s get this out of the way: According to Eric Wareheim, yes, his and Ansari’s trip to Italy for filming was as dreamy as it looks on screen, and, yes, they were really eating that incredible-looking food and drinking that wine.Follow either Wareheim or Ansari on Instagram, and you’ll discover they’ve been all over the world together as buds off-screen.It has portrayed the young lives and friendships of four millennial women trying to succeed, or just subsist, in New York, and how their dreams either lose grandeur when they come true or don’t come true at all.It honestly and often messily bears witness to a generation trying to negotiate sex and new relationships, where everything seems to be permitted.She launched her professional career as a singer at 19.


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