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Although the village began in the 1790’s, it was not incorporated until 1868, after the Civil War.

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In 2009, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds propelled “The Proposal” to nearly $165 million at the U. In 1998, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan amassed $115 million for “You’ve Got Mail,” while Julia Roberts and Richard Gere pulled in $152 million for “Runaway Bride” a year later.

The summer before, Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher spun a profit with “What Happens in Vegas,” which earned $80 million on a $30 million budget.

Click through the gallery for 11 great films that prove why.

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While it is in modern works for it to be the woman who is viewed sympathetically, whether she is the runaway partner or the jilted-at-the-altar partner, there are plenty of cases of it being played the other way.

Generally, it depends on the gender of the protagonist.

But now Marcus has not only moved on, he’s got a hot-and-heavy new girlfriend!

Meet Ally Lutar, a blonde beauty who, according to their many photos together, started dating Marcus this summer.

It's supposed to be more shocking when it's the woman who backs out to be free and single, or run away with another man.

Since this offers zero comfort to the poor schlub who just got dumped in front of his family and friends on big day, writers are careful not to develop the would-be groom too much—or they flat-out make him the villain—to keep audiences from sympathizing with him and calling her out on her recklessness.

A Wedding Day trope, focusing on the bride who abandons her groom at the altar, either to be with her new flame, celebrate her independence, or she has cold feet for some story-related reason.

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