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Over the next several weeks, the group hung out many times, and it didn’t take long for Ruksi and Eric to grow closer and closer.

Finally, Eric worked up the courage to ask Ruksi out on a date, and, shortly thereafter, the two were inseparable! That’s when Ruksi and Eric were married at The Mountain House on Sunday River, a gorgeous venue tucked away in the mountains of western Maine.

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, with over 50 years of continuous service to the Ruskin and South Hillsborough County, has been a community gathering place since its first movie, “Singing in the Rain” played in 1952. because families, dating couples, single parents with children and everyone else young and old can come and visit.

We believe that the conversation online should get a smooth offline follow up.

This is why we decided to bring our trustworthy online community offline and let our members meet each other in real life, to strip that potential spark from its bits and bytes.

We call it the “Last family drive-in” in the U. We had family values when family values were the rule.

We still have family values although by some we’re not considered cool.

We organize are exclusive dating events at the most sought after locations.

From hidden hotspots such as Uncle Barts in London to panoramic cocktail clubs like Eclipse in the W Hotel in Barcelona.

Even though they live three hours away, Ruski and Eric were drawn to the Mountain House’s rustic charm.

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