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Ryuichi Sakuma took up a thick gift box from beside his thigh, passing it forth. From me and Mister Bear.""I'll be sure to thank him," Touma Seguchi smiled, slipping the ribbon free.Removing the box's lid, he let a fond chuckle escape as he lifted up a dark coat lined with grey fur(1).

I'm twenty-seven years old, stepping out of a car in front of the Uesugi family temple with Tohma. Mika-san and Tohma plan to raise the subject of their marriage with Uesugi-san and Tohma's brought me along as emotional support, something I never thought he would need."Brace yourself," Tohma mutters over his shoulder as we enter the grounds. I'm not clear about what happens in the next few minutes. These walls are only paper, remember.""I'll cut my intestines out and throw them on your bed! "The small voice whispers play-by-play again in my ear. Mika told him she wanted to marry Tohma and Dad said no."The boy sounds almost gleeful. Undeterred, the old man is calmly picking cubes of silken tofu out of his soup with his chopsticks.

"My hopefully soon-to-be-in-laws are a little feisty."A little feisty? Apprehensive, I bow to the large statue of the Buddha in the courtyard, as does my bandmate. I'm not religious, but I make a silent prayer that the evening will be peaceful. Street shoes are exchanged for slippers, more bows are made to a confusion of new persons, some in monks' robes, others not. It happened almost two years ago, and Eiri's finishing his last few weeks of high school, Tohma says. We're all sitting on our folded legs, heads bowed politely, waiting.

You know perfectly well that music groups have a short life span and are constantly falling from popularity. Usually, she wins."Someone enters just then and distracts us. You'd save us plenty of hassle by running away with Tohma," Eiri says as he seats himself on the floor."Who asked you?

Even in this darkness I can make out the ugly flush. "She wants the whole apple and won't settle for half if she thinks she can get it. Oddly enough he's wearing sunglasses, and I wonder how he can see in this poor light."Tatsuha's right. That's exactly what a hyper-controlled android like him would do. It's as sickening as having YOU in one, Dad.""Listen, twerp," Tohma says, finally irritated beyond endurance.

Unable to get the harsh criticism out of his mind Shuich Shuichi Shindou is determined to be a rock star. After finding a charismatic guitarist and getting a gig, he's ready to show the world what a genius he is with his powerful lyrics.

However, Eiri Yuki overhears his amateurish verse and puts the young musician in his place.

Noriko had congratulated her fellow band members, then apologized for not staying, as she'd had plans to celebrate with her husband.

Which left the other two sitting alone on their living room floor.

Unable to get the harsh criticism out of his mind Shuichi forces himself into Yuki's life and the two find their futures inexorably linked. I dropped it before because I just could not for the life of me stand the artwork.

The force that brings them together is like gravity and there is nothing they can do to stop it. I'd just finished reading the first two volumes of Loveless for which the art is absolutely gorgeous, and then this one... I wish I'd known how much it would improve after the first five or so volumes.

is a Japanese webcomic, later adapted as a manga and an anime series, by Hidekaz Himaruya.

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