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is a Deconstruction of the Police Procedural and Criminal Procedural genres.

Set in Baltimore, Maryland, the show examines with equal intensity the lives of characters on both sides of the law.

Norwood won the Best Newcomer award at the 2010 Inside Soap Awards and Most Popular Newcomer at the 2011 National Television Awards for his portrayal of Fatboy, and has been nominated for two further awards.

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Meet the Neighbour So here I am, sunbathing in the garden by my pool drinking a Martini and wallowing in self-pity.

I have bought a very nice barn conversion in a little village; one of only two houses at the end of a single dirt-track; just my house and what was an old farmhouse now converted and updated with a barn alongside my place but at least eighty yards between.

Fatboy is one of four main characters in the first series of E20 and makes cameo appearances in the second and third series.

He was created by the East Enders: E20 writing team during a BBC summer school in August 2009.

that have a interest, such as acting or modeling, that they can later exploit by way of email spam, telemarketing, etc.

After you answer a “fake” casting (much of craigslist was fake when I tested it), you will begin getting offers through email and sales pitches from telemarketers, all aimed at getting you to sign up for some service.Author's Note: A young lady loses her job as a top web-designer and stumbles across her neighbours business manufacturing and selling bondage restraints and clothing.Between jobs, she volunteers to help him increase his business by creating a state of the art on-line catalogue; for a share in the profits. If only I hadn't been so bloody quick to cut my ties with my parents; but there was no going back now.He frequently uses London street slang and is described as brash, confident, caring, a hustler and a womaniser.Critics have called him zany, an asset to the show, authentic, a cliché, and yet to serve a purpose, with Stuart Heritage from The Guardian calling for him to be axed.In addition, there is the more nihilistic notion that the institutions that make up the American way of life are irreversibly corrupt, and that it is impossible to reform them.

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